Slot games are quite a popular type of entertainment for decades, and they still continue to evolve with the advancements in modern technology. Here are a few different kinds of the slot games that are accessible at batman138:

Video Slots: These types of slots are quite modern with 5 and more reels as well as multiple paylines. They feature advanced animations, graphics, and even sound effects, and will have themes ranging from the popular movies and television shows to the mythological creatures and historical events.

Classic Slots: The classic slots are also called as fruit machines, they are simple games with 3 reels and 1 payline. They’re inspired by the mechanical slot machines as well as feature symbols such as bars, fruit, and lucky sevens.

Mobile Slots: These slots are the video slots made to be played on the mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. They feature simplified controls as well as graphics, thus making them simple to play on the small screens.

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3D Slots: These slots are the video slots that make use of advanced graphics for creating the 3D gaming experience. They have the interactive bonus features as well as animations, which bring this game to life.

Multiplier Slots: These slots are the video slots that provide players a chance to multiply the winnings by predetermined amount. For instance, player may get 2x multiplier for matching 2 symbols, or 10x multiplier to match 3 symbols.

Progressive Slots: The progressive slots are linked together to form the larger network. The portion of each bet made on a machine goes in pooled jackpot that will grow to be worth millions of dollars. The progressive slots are classic and video slots.

Branded Slots: The branded slots are one kind of video slots based on the popular brands, like TV shows, movies, and celebrities.